Volleyball Camps 

Volleyball, which is one of the most popular team sports, continues to develop with volleyball camps organizations by Sportingwork team in our country. You can also consider this sports training camp as a perfect holiday for your team. In a city worth visiting, such as Istanbul, you will improve and play volleyball with five-star hotel accommodation.

You can compete with your camp friends from different countries of the world and you can get theoretical and practical volleyball training during the volleyball camps activity. Camps similar to our national volleyball teams’, called Sultans of the Net or Hectors of the Net camps are waiting for you.

These achievements are not easily won. You can have a perfect holiday in Istanbul and enjoy the pleasure of staying with volleyball.

Both Volleyball and Vacation!

During the volleyball training camp, you will participate in theoretical training seminars, practices and games. Many organizations, such as friendly volleyball tournaments, will offer you many opportunities during the camp. In addition to participating in volleyball camps for professional teams, you can also benefit from the indoor swimming pool of our five-star hotel. Airport transfers are included in our organizations. All you have to do is enjoy volleyball, vacation and Istanbul. Camping facilities are within our hotel complex. You can go to workout at the hotel without wasting time. Istanbul, where you can camp four seasons of the year, is very close to you with its Sportingwork experience!