Training Camps for Basketball 

Training Camps for Basketball, a sports training camp, is within the organizations of Sportingwork team, which has adopted the word “Your sport is Our Work ”.  Basketball has always had a special place in these sports camps organized in the quality of five star hotel accommodation in a magnificent city like Istanbul. In our large gym, which is part of our hotel, various tournaments have been held so far. Famous names and coaches of the basketball world were the guests of Sportingwork, and those who wanted to learn both watched the games and participated in training activities. Among these famous names, we will always remember Peter Noumoski, who is now the President of the Macedonian Basketball Federation, who has done wonders under the jersey of Anadolu Efes during his years in our country. In addition, NBA's star players and coaches come to Istanbul with Sportingwork organizations and participate in Basketball Training Camps.

Basketball Summer Camps 

Summer camps hosted by Sportingwork both for individual sports and team sports like basketball will be the best opportunity to explore Istanbul! Performance activities, swimming pool within our sports complex, airport transfers, shopping centers that are very close to the comfort and training center of our five-star hotel will only be part of many activities you can do during Basketball Training Camps!