Training Camp of Taekwondo

Training Camp of Taekwondo is organized by SportingWork as an opportunity also to make a perfect holiday. This training camp, which aims to bring sport and holiday together, is based in Istanbul and our campsite and our facilities are prepared for this purpose. Our world-class sports fields, five-star comfort hotel and indoor swimming pool in these facilities are at the service of our trainees coming from within the country and abroad. Training Camp of Taekwondo  is also a social activity for your own health.

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo, which originated in Korea, is a defensive sport that is considered as a martial arts in the Far East and is even the oldest of these sports. It has emerged from the combining of the foot system and the punching method known since ancient times. You can learn more in the Training Camp of Taekwondo and participate in practical work here. You can explore a different world with this training program given by expert trainers. This world has a history of around 1400 years and with SportingWork organizations this sport is presented to you as a very enjoyable activity, in the taste of the holidays. It may be possible to explore the world famous beauties of Istanbul during this camp