Training Camp of Fencing 

The use of swords, one of the most respected activities for ages, is now known as fencing among defense sports, and fencing training camps organized by Sportingwork are among the programs of education and sports organizations. Fencing has transformed the use of swords from being a form of war into an elegant sport, and has attracted the attention of our youth in recent years. Our athletes now win international championships. If you are interested in this personal sport based on intelligence, which demonstrates the agility of the body, you can participate in fencing camps organized by Sportingwork.

Meet the Sport of Fencing 

Fencing training camps, which are based in Istanbul, are organized for sports education as well as excellent holiday opportunities. During the camp, you will be experience the fencing sport in a theoretical and practical way, and on the other hand you will have a perfect holiday in the luxury of five star hotels in Istanbul. With fencing new friendships can also be established with our sports guests coming from abroad.

We think that there will be no better opportunity to expand your social environment and support health by doing sports. A sport worth exploring, a city pearl of the world, Sportingwork awaits you for fencing camps . After practices you can relax in the hotel's indoor pool.