Judo Training Camps 

Judo mentions the basic philosophy of this sport beyond the karate movies that come to mind when you start with Judo training camp. You will have the opportunity to do this sport personally during the training camp. How about being a student grasshopper in the Kung Fu series that we still remember when judo is mentioned in our country?

Experience the Martial Arts in Istanbul 

Under the influence of popular culture, judo has always been a misunderstood sport. Judo is a much more modern form of traditional Japanese martial arts, but it is remembered and mixed with other sports like karate, kung fu, aikido or taekwando. Judo is more similar to wrestling and its main purpose is to counteract the movements of the opponent. It is based on physical and mental development. It is a way to live healthy.

Training and preparation programs, such as the judo camp, will be a useful platform to break this prejudice and learn the art of sport in question. Sportingwork, which is home to amateur and professional athletes and coaches, appeals to those who want to experience the spirit of judo in Istanbul. Complex Istanbul has opened its doors to you to explore Istanbul and to participate in a perfect camp environment where you can practice martial arts. At the same time offering a holiday environment to live in a five-star hotel Judo training camp is waiting for all amateur and professional athletes.