Gymnastics Training Camps

The gymnastics training camps can be the perfect start to include physical exercises in order to strengthen and agilize the body for a healthier life. You can advance your workouts starting with exercise and physical-fitness work-outs  and you can turn to any branch of gymnastics sport in an amateur sense.

We offer you the start of gymnastics with this training camp, the rest is up to you. You can also consider this start as a sport holiday. Our Istanbul-based gymnastics camp - gymnastics sports training camp is organized in a five-star hotel and sports complex that works with Sportingwork organizations. Gymnastics training camp, sports camp or sports holiday, no matter how you call it, you will spend days full of activity and you will have time for your health. However, it should be noted that our sports training camp is not related to weight loss.

Şavkar Gymnastics Academy 

In addition to the trainings we provide, the gymnasts we host  can organize their sports camps at international standards. We would like to add that the gymnastics training camps program, which is ideal for starting at a young age, is a great opportunity for your children between the ages of 3-12. Sportingwork, which is the Istanbul branch of Şavkar Gymnastics Academy, hosts sports camps worldwide.

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