Boxing Training Camp

Boxing training camps within Sportingwork Organizations have been prepared to offer the enthusiasts the pleasure of both sport and holiday. Moreover, since it is an international platform, it will give you the opportunity to participate in a whole new environment. The main purpose of our sports training camp is to develop interest in boxing. Since it is an Istanbul based sports training camp, we are sure that it will be much better.

During the camp, you will participate in theoretical training on boxing and if you wish, you will participate in encounters. Boxing enthusiasts know the spirit of endurance and gentleness at the heart of this sport. During the boxing training camps, you can feel more closely what Rocky Balboa felt. The main purpose of the camp is to teach boxing as a sport and to do the necessary training.

Boxing Events Are Here!

You can support the training activities carried out by Boxing Federation in our country with this camp. In addition, our participants will have a perfect holiday with the opportunity of a five-star hotel accommodation. Airport transfers of our guests participate  the camp are made by us and the indoor swimming pool of our hotel will be at the service of our amateur and professional boxers.

You can learn the rules of boxing which is a sport performed on an area called Ring, which is based on knocking out the opponent by punching under the supervision of the referee, in the boxing training camps program you can participate in the trainings, and join  light and professional matches. You can contact us immediately to purchase all programs and camping packages.